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gj prins solo
black smoking mirror

14 july - 14 august 2015 , gj prins: square wave cavity, soundinstallation, at galerie hodynka, moscow, russia for: black squared, groupexhibition

july 4, 2015, set up for a black smoking mirror performance by prins & van boven,
at the globale @ zentrum fuer kunst und medientechnologie, karlsruhe, germany

june 27, 2015, set up for a show with peter van bergen, bálász pandi and gert-jan prins, at festival bruisme, poitiers, france

march 8 - may 15 @ zone2source, het glazen huis, amsterdam, nl, exposition: black squared, gert-jan prins: cavity



february 26, 2015 @ stedelijk museum, amsterdam, nl, opening sonic acts: bas van koolwijk: visuals, and gert-jan prins: drums

february 6, 2015 @ de player, rotterdam, nl, launching the tetra gamma circulaire for art rotterdam

january 31, 2015, installing and controlling the black smoking mirror screen @ transmediale festival, berlin, hkw auditorium, black smoking mirror, by prins & van boven



Stripe: pneumatic shape: Cocky Eek, dance: Kenzo Kusuda, soun: Gert-Jan Prins, june 8, 2014, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL



Walzkörpersperre, a 35mm movie by Prins & van Boven will be shown in the Vertical Cinema project, on january 24, 2014 at IFFR, Rotterdam, NL
and february 20 -23, 2014 at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL, more info here:



december 2013, NEW: the Synchronator ColorControl, more info at: SynchronatorCC




november 2013: a new Cavity cd release by 20.SV, Alan Dubin and Osman Arabi; see here: 20.SV



september 2013: new piece by Synchronator, to be premiered in the fall, more details soon:



flussi festival, avellino, italy, gjp & sec_toxy, 29 august 2013



vertical cinema, filmset of walzkoerpersperre in the dunes of ijmuiden, nl, 4 nights in june 2013,
premiere: october 12, 2013 @ festival kontraste, krems austria
electronic set-up, martijn van boven, white laser on bunker




may 25, 2013, sesd event in basel, switserland, sculptural electronic sounds discs, live cutting, 20 years of werkraum warteck,
basel bar, live product, sesd classic box 10 copies worldwide + big player product
peter fengler, live product, gijs gieskes, dennis de bel





gert-jan prins, live at the yukunkun club, beiroet, lebanon, april 2013, photo: tanya traboulsi




the synchronator orchestra featuring:
gert-jan prins, bas van koolwijk, billy roisz, justin bennett, tina frank, jéròme noetinger, sonic acts, paradiso, amsterdam, february 22, 2013




cavity: the shielded version, a new installation-work-in-progress by gert-jan prins, rf signal blocking tent
presentation @ hear it!, stedelijk museum, amsterdam, nl, april 28, 2011

cavity: the shielded version, (2010, work in progress), 3 x 3 x 2,20 meters, installation,
metallized textile, aluminium tubes, static.


Currently: look at: online exhibition: dossierjournal

Onomatopee 39: Cavity: the Capacitive Version By Gert-Jan Prins, Publication + 10 inch Vinyl OMP39